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How we do it

At Planned Constructions, we’re proud of the impact we make designing and constructing outdoor spaces that bring people together. We call them ‘Landscapes for living’ because they make life better for the people who use them. 


We also make life easier for our clients. How?


By working with them safely, reliably and capably to bring their projects to life. We seamlessly manage and deliver every aspect of our clients’ landscaping projects.


We’re always proud when we hand over landscaped spaces that people will connect, relax, work, play and live in for generations to come. But what makes us even more proud is how we work with our clients to get there. 

Best people

You get the best people on the ground with us. The high quality and endurance of our work speaks to this. Our management team of civil construction experts also ensures we connect the right, specialised resources to your project.


Want to know more about how Planned Constructions can help bring your vision to life?  Or perhaps enquire about joining our award-winning team?

We’d love to hear from you.

Power of partnership

We work in true partnership with our clients, and there’s real power in that. Why? Because true partnerships are based on communication and understanding. That’s why regular and transparent communication with you is our priority. We take the time to really listen so we can understand your project’s needs. We can talk the civil construction and engineering talk with you, but we also know how to explain it simply when needed. And we’re always honest. We work in this way with you through the whole project, from the first brief, right through to completion and final handover. We have project managers both on and offsite, so our clients can rest assured knowing we have everything covered.  

Thoughtful design

At Planned Constructions, we can deliver your project based on a set of designs you provide us, or we can provide the design solution for you. Our approach to design is always thoughtful. That means our designers work for you based on a complete understanding of your project and of how the space needs to be used today, as well as tomorrow. It’s also about designing sustainable, environmentally friendly spaces that will encourage human connection, enhance people’s lives and stand the test of time.

Quality construction

Our landscapes need to stand the test of time, so our construction standards are exceptionally high. Our highly skilled and experienced construction team puts safety and quality at the heart of everything they do. We are ISO accredited (ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety, ISO 14001 – Environmental management, ISO 9001 – Quality management). We’re also members of Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers.  Our team on the ground is backed by our civil construction management team, ensuring all your project’s safety, compliance, environmental and engineering requirements get tier one, expert management.

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