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What we do

We design and deliver landscapes for living.

We specialise in commercial landscaping spaces and civil construction. From public gardens and streetscapes to tactile playgrounds and schools.

We use thoughtful design to create landscapes that inspire people to connect with one another and with nature.  We have the best people who successfully partner with government, local councils, commercial builders, schools, sporting clubs and businesses.

We take the complexity out of things for our client partners. We manage your project with unparalleled expertise, so you get high-quality, reliable project solutions. With us, communication is always key. You’ll always know what we know, every step of the way. That’s the power of partnership.

Our clients trust us because we offer a highly qualified, specialised landscaping workforce, backed by the power and reliability of our expert management team. The end result is quality construction that stands the test of time.

Our services

We offer a full range of civil construction, soft and hard landscaping and maintenance services for outdoor spaces. From earthworks, pavements, roads and streetscapes to lighting and electrical work.


Explore our services.


Want to know more about how Planned Constructions can help bring your vision to life?  Or perhaps enquire about joining our award-winning team?

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If you need help with concepts for your project, we can allocate the right designer to create designs you’ll love. Our designer will listen first: to truly understand how the space needs to be used today, as well as tomorrow. Then, they’ll create thoughtful designs for a space that will continue to be enjoyed by people for generations to come.


From paving, tiling and drainage, to installing park benches, retaining walls, pavements, shared user paths, lighting, structures and amenities. We can deliver any hard or soft landscaping requirements for your streetscape project.

Civil construction

We’re civil construction experts. We offer a full range of related services as required, from demolition, earthworks, excavation, trenching, conduit and pit installation, to road, pavement and shared user pathway construction. 


We’re proud to create tactile playgrounds for children that bring delight and entertainment and encourage physical time outdoors. We can create tactile playgrounds quite literally from the ground up. Right through from earthworks and installing the safest ground surface, to garden spaces, sandboxes, timber totems, stepping logs, slides and climbing equipment.

Soft landscaping

We can deliver all your project’s soft landscaping requirements. After all, we deliver ‘Landscapes for living’ and no outdoor space is complete without living plants. We can manage everything relating to the soft features of your landscaping project: from preparing garden beds, garden edges, toppings, laying turf, new plantings (of trees, shrubs and smaller plants) to irrigation requirements.

Pavements and concreting

At Planned Constructions, we boast a team of highly trained and experienced specialists who can provide professional concreting and paving across Melbourne & Gippsland for residential, commercial, and civil projects.  Our skilled team incorporates specific design requirements and current Australian Standards and ensures all processes are administered and checked vigorously throughout each project.

Timber structures

Planned Constructions is committed to providing superior service and a quality building experience, reach out to us now.

With a hands-on approach and determination to provide the highest standard possible, Planned Constructions continually achieves quality work outcomes across all our projects.  Specialising in timber decking, shelters, bollards, pergolas and retaining walls, Planned Constructions has experienced and qualified carpenters across our construction teams who all have the knowledge and skills to deliver amazing project outcomes.


We offer full maintenance services for your landscaped outdoor spaces. From garden to grounds maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Planned Constructions is committed to providing superior service and a quality building experience, reach out to us now.

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