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Landscapes for living

We are Planned Constructions.


A trusted, award-winning commercial landscaping company with more than 30 years’ experience. We successfully partner with government, local councils, commercial builders, schools, sporting clubs and businesses. We seamlessly manage and deliver every aspect of our clients’ projects for them – from the initial brief, right through to handover.

We make it easy to bring your vision to life.

We’re backed by a team of civil construction experts, so we can connect each project with the right, specialised resources. We’re fully compliant with all building codes and regulations and are ISO certified.


We’re proud of the impact we make designing and constructing outdoor spaces that bring people together. But we’re even more proud of how we do it. That’s what sets us apart.

Charles & Mollison pocket park

Our projects

We’re proud of our work and invite you to explore some of our projects...

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Want to know more about how Planned Constructions can help bring your vision to life? Or perhaps enquire about joining our award-winning team?

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This is how we do it ...

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